Different people want different things

  • For some life is all about being at peace – peace with ourselves and with the world around us.
  • For others life is about living to the full – getting the most out of every day and everyone.

True peace does not come from following a religion or making it up as you go along. Living life to the full is not about living a selfish life or following strict religious rules.

The way we are made

Life in all it’s fullness and true peace comes from connecting with God because that is the way we were made to be! The living God who created the universe is wanting you to find Him – to connect with Him.

In the beginning, the human race was created to be friends with God. That is true of you also – He knows you better than you know yourself, and He still wants to be a close friend to you. He wants to walk with you through this life, help you through the difficult moments that are thrown your way, and direct you to the paths that are going to be best for you – where you will find fulfilment, and purpose.

Although we were made to be connected with God many people choose to have nothing to do with Him – preferring to walk through this life in their own way.

How do I connect with God?

We all do, think and say things we shouldn’t and because God is holy, as well as loving, He can’t just ignore the bad we do. Even though God is love, His nature also means He has to be fair and just. We deserve to be punished but God loves us so much that He chose to send His son, Jesus, to come and rescue us by being punished. By doing this for us, Jesus made it possible for us to be forgiven so that we could connect with God – and become His close friend.

To be connected with God you need to say sorry to God for going your own way – for living your life for yourself. You need to put your trust in Jesus – believing that He suffered, died on the cross and came alive again. When you believe this you will want to live your life in a new way – living for Jesus and not for yourself, giving up your ways, dreams, and plans for the better ones that He has for you.

When you believe this you are forgiven and you can begin again! You become part of God’s family and you receive the Holy Spirit who comes and lives inside you to help you, comfort you and show you the way to live. You are given the promise of heaven – you don’t have to be afraid of death any more, because you are now guaranteed to spend forever with God. You are promised peace, help, and hope as you walk through life and, you are guaranteed that God will always be right there with you.

  • Peace with ourselves and peace with the world comes through having peace with God!
  • Life in all it’s fullness comes when we live the way we were made to be – connected with God!

What about you – what do you think?

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Getting to know Jesus…

Getting to know Jesus for yourself is so important – Finding out about Him for yourself is so important and we have made it really easy for you!

Many people have different opinions about who Jesus is and what He is like. The only source of information we can really trust is what the Bible teaches us about Him. There are four gospels in the Bible written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and they tell us about the events that took place when Jesus was living on the earth.

Our FREE meetJ app will take you through the book of Mark with something to read every day and easy to understand notes explaining what each story teaches us about Jesus.

Or you can download the pdf notes to read or print them out so that you can write down what you learn about Jesus in the spaces before comparing your thoughts with our notes.

Download – Part 1: Mark chapters 1-9

Download – Part 2: Mark chapters 10-16

What does the Bible say?

If you find the Bible confusing to read and would like to discover it’s main big message then

Download – What does the Bible say?

Discover for yourself what the Bible says to you, sections of the Bible are written out for you to read – with questions to answer and things to think about.