Was Jesus just a special teacher or prophet?

It is quite a popular thing to say that Jesus was just a special teacher or a holy prophet but that’s where his specialness ends! However, if that is what you think have you ever stopped to think about what he actually taught people? And do you agree with his teaching?

Did you know that Jesus taught people that he and God were equal and the same. Do you think he was telling the truth and being a good teacher when he said that?

Do you think he was a good, special teacher when he said that he was the way, the truth and the life and that nobody could come to the Father except through him?

Do you think he was a special teacher when he said that he was able to forgive people the sins they had done against God? What about when he said that he had been around before Abraham (a man who died 1000s of years before he was born)?

Special, good teachers don’t keep telling lies to the people who trust them. Jesus didn’t really leave the “he’s just a special, good teacher” option available! Based on what Jesus said and taught about Himself, he should really be thought of as either a liar, a lunatic, or God.

Did Jesus lie about being God, or did he believe he was God when really he wasn’t (this would make Him a lunatic), or did he get it right when he explained he is God?

Christians believe that Jesus is a very special teacher and they trust the things that he taught – one of those things was that he is God and therefore a special teacher – but also very much more than a special teacher!