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Answers to some questions we get asked about Christianity

Does God Exist?

How can we find out if God exists or not? Does the evidence point to God or away from him?

Did Jesus Exist?

Is there any evidence that Jesus really existed and did the things the Bible talks about?

Trust the Bible?

How do we know we can trust the Bible and it's not been made up by some religious people?

Become a Christian

Do you have to be good or do special religious things? How do you actually become a Christian?


Many people say different things about Jesus. Find out for yourself who he was and what he did.

A Special Teacher?

Was Jesus just a good teacher or did he claim to be more than that? What did he actually teach?


How can I hear God? How does God speak? How do I know what God wants me to do?

Forgive Others

True forgiveness is when we treat someone as if they had never done that horrible thing to us.
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