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In our digital age online chat has become very normal for many people. Through linking with us you can give those you are trying to reach out to the opportunity to chat with an approved Christian at any time of day or night.

Many people have questions about spiritual things but are too afraid to ask. It would be great if they would all turn up at your church on Sunday to ask their questions, but sadly most people won’t do this. But if you give them the opportunity to ask their questions anonymously online many will be very happy to chat.

Through adding a link on your website you can offer people the opportunity to ask their questions and explore faith at any time of day or night. All of the volunteers people will chat to are approved Christians who have been through NeedHim’s training.

We recommend putting the link to us on the front page of your website so that people will notice really quickly that there is an opportunity to chat – the deeper you hide the link the less people will find it.

It is FREE to add a link to us but if you would like to give a donation to help us to continue this work then we would be very grateful. 

How to link to us?

Please use any image or wording that works best for you. We would suggest that you make the link to

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