When we lose someone we love, our body goes through deep bereavement and we feel the pain and loss sharply. Everyone experiences grief at different speeds and that is normal and natural. 

A death of someone close to us can bring many different emotions to us – sadness, anger, disappointment, hurt, loneliness, fear, anxiety, confusion and even sometimes guilt or relief. These are all very normal feelings and are part of our mind’s way of processing different thoughts that are often so deep inside us that we aren’t necessarily aware of them.

The feelings of grief although very heart wrenching and painful can serve a helpful purpose too as they re-orientate our perspective on life, it’s purpose, it’s shortness and it makes us re-evaluate many things. 

When we grieve over a new loss it can feel like we will never get past this, that these feelings will absorb us for the rest of our life – but this will be how things go, memories will remain and be cherished but the grief will pass and joy and pleasure will be yours again.

We might feel that the weight of the loss is too much to carry, that the burden of grief is going to overwhelm us. We might feel that we don’t want to see other people and that we want to retreat into a corner… however at these times it is good to begin to find a couple of people who we can trust to share our burden and our feelings of despair.

God is also there at all times, you are never actually alone and he wants to hear from you – you can be really honest with God about how you feel. God wants to help you find peace and hope from Him.

Going along to a church can be a great help in our grieving because those leading the church service believe in the bigger picture – they know there is a life after death, and will be happy to be a support and help to you as you walk this journey along the path of recovery.

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