Our website is set up to encourage people to chat live with a Christian, where they can find help and hope at any time of day or night.

All of our chats are taken by volunteers from NeedHim.org, an international organisation that connects people from all over the world to chat with a Christian.

Every day, at some point, there are too many people wanting to chat and not enough people available to help. We would always prefer it to be the other way around, with too many volunteers and not enough chatters! We really don’t like having to turn people away when they are coming to us to find help.

The great thing about the chat system is that once a volunteer is logged on then, if they are not needed immediately, they can get on with other things online knowing that when someone comes on to chat, their computer will make a noise to tell them that someone is waiting for them.

NeedHim volunteers need to be at least 18 years old, aiming to live their life for Jesus and have a desire to help others find Him. They need to be compassionate, teachable, a good listener, patient, resilient, desiring to be led by the Holy Spirit and authentic believers.

Volunteers are there to offer real, truthful conversation in a safe environment with the intent of establishing or improving a relationship between the chatter and Jesus Christ and encouraging them to find a local church to be part of.

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