Does God exist?

Most people in the world think that there is a God. If you are one of the people that are sure that there isn’t a God – how can you be certain?

Proving that something doesn’t exist is impossible – all you can really say is that he probably doesn’t exist based on the evidences you have seen or heard. But this isn’t a certainly and it does not prove that God doesn’t exist.

An atheist is actually believing by faith that there is no God rather than believing by proof! The only other option is for you to agree that there is a possibility that outside of your understanding a God could exist. 

There are many different evidences that point to the fact that a God exists. It is impossible to prove 100% that God exists but the things below make it very very likely.

If there is a small chance that God does exist then you really should try to find out more, as your whole eternal future will depend on what this God thinks about you!

How much do you know?

If you were to draw a circle to represent all the knowledge that exists in the world at the moment – how much of that circle would you think you know all about?

Even the most intelligent person in the world would probably know less than 10% of all that is known, and most people would know much less than that! The question then has to be asked – in that other 90-99% that you don’t know about, is it possible that there could be convincing evidence that God exists? If we are truthful the answer has to be yes there could be!

Who has been brainwashed?

Some people say that the reason people believe in God is because society has brainwashed people into believing he exists. But how can we be certain that it is not the other way around, how do we know that atheist aren’t trying to brainwash people into believing God doesn’t exist? Who gets to decide which way around it is?

Would you prefer God didn’t exist?

The way we all look at information is effected by the ideas and thoughts we already think! None of us are neutral, we are all biased either away from God or towards God. Have you ever stopped to think about if you would prefer God to exist or not? Why do you have that opinion?

Often people do not like the idea of someone else being in charge, they don’t want to have to listen to someone telling them what is good for them, they want to choose to do whatever they feel is enjoyable.

We would love to help you find out about God and how He can bring you hope, peace and a new perspective on life.

Can we test if God exists?

Some people ask for tangible, testable scientific evidence that God exists but the problem is that if the God of the Bible is real, then he is a God that exists outside of and independent of the universe.

Trying to use and test the material things around us to prove if God is there is not good logic – it’s a bit like judging the beauty of a painting by how much it weighs, or asking to have a thought placed on a scale!

If there is not a God – can we really say something is wrong or right?

In order for absolute right and wrong to exist there needs to be an outside source (God) saying what is right and wrong.

Some morals are cultural and relative but there are lots that people consider to be non-negotiable absolutes. All of us live our lives as if there are some absolute morals, even if we try to deny them, but the way we live shows that is what we really think!

If God didn’t exists then right and wrong would just be an opinion and there would be nothing definitely right or wrong. Absolute right and wrong infers an outside standard or judge which would infer that God does exist.

What about design?

The Universe has the appearance of design and purpose therefore, if we were not looking at things from a biased point of view, we would naturally assume an intelligent designer.

This is just the same as if we saw some scattered stones on a hill side spelling “I love you” – we would expect that some intelligent designer had arranged the stones in that pattern to communicate with us.

How do things exist?

We know that things exist and that it is therefore also possible for those things not to exist – this means that things must have been caused to exist (a thing can’t bring itself into existence as it would need to have already existed to do that – which makes no sense).

The first thing that caused everything else must have always existed and be able to cause everything else to come from it – this is a great description of God!

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