The COVID pandemic has been a worrying and confusing time for so many people and for a whole range of reasons. You may have seen a loved one suffer or die, you may have experienced serious illness yourself or isolation or depression, loneliness or anxiety, or maybe you have suffered financially. Sadly it has been a tough time for many people and the situation seems to be continuing.

We have all seen that many of the things in life that were the foundations of our stability and comfort have been shaken or even temporarily pulled down… things that we felt we could rely on to always be there in a normal society were suddenly banned, outlawed or frowned upon as no longer acceptable.

When our personal world is shaken, when the things we find comfort in have been removed… what do we do?

Sadly some people find they lose hope leading to depression and increased anxiousness, others rebel and push back seeking to restore some form of normality as they struggle to cope with the imposed changes.

We have all had to face up to the reality that neither we or governments are in control and that death is something we can’t hide away from and so it is something we have to give serious consideration to. It has always been true that we could die at anytime, but now there are extra reasons, that we are regularly reminded about, why it might happen to any of us.

The question is are you ready? We all need to be ready… can I encourage you to click on this link to discover more about Jesus if you are unsure what will happen to you when you die.

What about the general concerns you have about life in a COVID world?

Our normal world has changed, and looks like staying different for a while. Many of the things we took for granted and expected to be able to continue to enjoy as “normal” are regularly being restricted or disturbed. How should we react to this?

We may feel frustrated, angry, sad, anxious or disorientated… but whatever we feel it is good to purposefully turn this into a positive reminder that our life here on earth is not the main thing! This life is just the movie trailer for the forever life that comes next. When we think this life is what everything is about, then there are many things that can come along and mess up our plans and dreams… and cause us distress – but when we realise we are travellers just passing through it’s important to always have a bag packed ready!

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