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Social Media can be enjoyable and also devastating, it can be helpful and also destructive. It is designed to be addictive and controlling!

Some forms of media are neutral and depending on how you use them they can be good or bad. Social Media is designed to manipulate and so it can be used in a good way but it is much easier for it to affect you in a bad way! The more aware you are that’s it’s purpose and aim is to make you want to use it more, hopefully the less power it has over you.

So much of what appears on social media is a fake version of reality, we know when we post something how selective we have been in what we have written or in which photo we have chosen to upload… but for some reason we still think that what we see represents the truth about others, a truth that we feel we fail to achieve in comparison! So we swallow the lie and judge our looks or our life to be a failure and a disappointment compared to theirs.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your use of social media:

  1. Am I addicted to social media?
  2. Do I feel I need approval on social media?
  3. Are people bullying me on social media?
  4. Am I bullying other people on social media?
  5. Am I caring and loving or hard and harsh on social media?

If you discover that you find it hard to control how often you use social media and how you act and react on social media then it is probably best that you tell someone you trust and ask them to help you be different. The reason for talking to someone else is that it gives you an extra motivation and incentive outside of yourself to make any necessary changes.

Another great question to think about is if Jesus used social media what would he do and say and what would he not do and say. If you are not sure then maybe using this link will help you to decide.

Many of us are unaware that social media is seeking to influence and control our thoughts and attitudes out of a desire to make us want to spend more time on the site. They want to do this so that they can make more money from advertising things to us while we are there for longer.

If you are unsure if your social media use is healthy for you or not then why not chat with us so we can think about it together?

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