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A Christian isn’t someone who was born in a Christian country or was born into a Christian family. A Christian isn’t someone that believes in God and tries to be good. Praying doesn’t make you a Christian and going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.

A Christian is someone that is a follower of Jesus. The clue is in the name, they are a ‘Christ’ian – a follower of Christ.

Why do we need help?

The Bible and our own experience tells us that we all do, think and say bad things – things that God doesn’t want you to do, and because of those things your relationship with God is broken.

There is a barrier between you and God and so you can’t go to heaven when you die. God is holy and always does what is right and fair, so he can’t just ignore the bad you do – justice is needed.

The punishment you deserve is to go to hell when you die, but God loves you so much, he created us to know him and be his friend, and so he doesn’t want us to go to hell – so he made a way for people to escape.

What did Jesus do?

Jesus, God the son, came to this earth to rescue us by taking our place, he became our substitute. He was punished on the cross so that we could be forgiven. Three days after dying he came alive again because he was innocent and had never done anything bad.

What do we need to do?

All you need to do to know God as your friend and to know His forgiveness – is to be sorry for being bad, turn around and walk back towards God and believe that Jesus loved you so much that he took the punishment you deserved.

If you really believe in Jesus you will be so grateful that he died for you, when you didn’t deserve it at all, that you will want to follow Him. You will want to live your life trying to put Him first in your plans and decisions rather than putting yourself first like you used to.

Next step

A great first step is to talk to God and tell him you are sorry for being bad and thank him that he died for you so you can be forgiven. Tell him that you want to put him in charge of your life and live for him.

The next important step is to get to know him better. You can do that by reading about him in the Bible – our app and website meetJ are a great place to begin.

Then start attending a Bible teaching church where you can worship God and learn about him and find support, encouragement and friendship.

We are here to help you with any questions you have or things that are confusing you.

meetJ – Getting to know Jesus

Many people have different opinions about who Jesus is and what He is like. The only source of information we can really trust is what the Bible teaches us about Him. There are four gospels in the Bible written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and they tell us about the events that took place when Jesus was living on the earth.

Our FREE meetJ app and website will take you through the book of Mark with something to read every day and easy to understand notes explaining what each story teaches us about Jesus.

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