Pray for us

We would really appreciate your prayers for…

The Volunteers – please pray:

  • For wisdom in their conversations, knowing how to listen, how to advise, how to help and best point the chatters to Jesus.
  • For protection in their thoughts – that, through being involved in so many difficult situations with troubled people, they would not be weighed down by the burdens of those they are helping.
  • That situations in their own lives wouldn’t prevent them from serving in this way.
  • That God would put it on more people’s hearts to become a volunteer with

Those in Need – please pray that:

  • More people would find out about Chatnow and come and chat.
  • God would match up the right chatter with the best volunteer who will be able to help them the most.
  • God would use us to help and save those in need.
  • Chatters would realise there is always hope and always someone who cares to talk to.

Those in charge – please pray that:

  • We would know how to make Chatnow even more effective.
  • We would know how best to help more people know we are here.
  • We would be good stewards of the resources at our disposal.

Chatnow – please pray that,

  • More people would pray for the work.
  • More people would give to the work.
  • More people would hear about the work.
  • More people would become NeedHim volunteers.
  • More churches and organisations would partner with us and link to us.

We are aware that these prayer requests are very general but we still do genuinely appreciate you praying for all these things – Thank you.

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