Meet Jesus…

Getting to know Jesus is really important. We have made it really easy for you to find out about Him for yourself by using meetJ – if you have an apple or android smartphone then download the free app.

Many people have different opinions about who Jesus is and what He is like. The only source of information we can really trust is what the Bible teaches us about Him. There are four gospels in the Bible written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and they tell us about the events that took place when Jesus was living on the earth.

Our free app and our two pdfs will take you through the book of Mark with easy to understand notes explaining what each story teaches us about Jesus.


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or download the pdfs – Part 1   Part 2

What does the Bible say?

Do you find the Bible confusing to read and would like to discover it’s main big message? Discover for yourself what the Bible says to you, sections of the Bible are written out for you to read – with questions to answer and things to think about.

Download – What does the Bible say?